Why Should I Join The New Generation Fancy Drill Team?


The rewards for being a member of this electrifying team are many! Members have the chance to travel, wear fancy uniforms, meet new friends, capture and thrill the hearts of many spectators. Being a part of this drill team exposes members to all types of cultural experiences, while learning and watching others perform.


The New Generation Fancy Drill Team makes numerous appearances a year throughout the City of Chicago, State of Illinois and Midwest Region. The team has traveled to various states in U.S, i.e., Atlanta, Kansas City and Memphis just to name a few.


The drill team has a marching drum corps, which supports the precision drill routines that are created by the directors and youth participants. The routines are created with military and semi-military movement with a majorette presentation.


A special feeling with comes knowing that you have an extended family of friends. Members have the opportunity to make new friends and develop long lasting relationships with others as they grow, work and perform together.

What Does It Take To Join The Drill Team?


Our performance schedule is demanding, particularly during the summer months. The drill team performs weekly and our success depends on each member doing his/her job effectively.


The drill team rehearses 2 times weekly year round except during the summer months where rehearsals are everyday Monday-Friday The New Generation Fancy Drill Team is a successful organization because of the dedication and hard work the members display.


Self Confidence, Perseverance and Winning are a state of mind. To do your best as a member means you have to know you can!


Hard work is the basis for success. A leader must display leadership everyday, at home, in school as well as on the drill team.


No special skills required to join, the individual must be willing to learn and rehearse.