Rules Regulations


The drill team rehearses 2-4 times weekly year round depending on which group a participant is in. Our performance schedule is demanding, particularly during the summer months. The drill teams perform weekly and our success depends on each member doing his/her job effectively. The drill team is successful because of the dedication and hard work that each member displays. Therefore, it’s not recommended for a child to miss if not an emergency If a child is unable to attend rehearsal and/or performances, they are encouraged to contact Mr. Crafton at the Drill Team Office (773) 643-3715.


Drill rehearsals are held every Friday and Saturday unless otherwise noted. During the summer months rehearsals are held daily Monday-Friday during a 7 week period. Attire is Jogging pants, shorts, gym shoes.


Participants are responsible for purchasing their uniform. Complete uniforms are $250: the “outfit” is $210 and “shoesboots” are $40. They will be approved for production once you have completed your probationary period.


The drill team-teaches self-respect and respect to others; therefore profanity will not be tolerated.

Anti Drugs, Gangs & Thugs

The drill team is a safe haven for participants; therefore participants observed displaying and representation of any sort will result in their immediate dismissal from the team.

Dating & Mating

Under no circumstances should any participants indulge in an active relationship with another drill team member. Any member caught up in such activity will hinder their chances to travel out of town with the team.

Summer Drill Camp

The drill team hosts a 7 week drill camp extensive training which covers marching and maneuvering, alignment, precision movements, grooming, Bud Billiken Day Parade preparation, etc. This Training is Mandatory. Any participant who is not in attendance will be ineligible to participate in the Bud Billiken Day Parade and any summer performances. Summer drill camp rehearsals are Monday-Friday 1-5pm.

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